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We are Sarolta Dobi and Ross den Otter.

We collaborate. We work as a team, and our favourite answer to the question, “What do you do?” is… “We shoot people!”

That should be a conversation killer right there, but the answer becomes clearer once it’s put into context. We are commercial portrait specialists. We’re hired guns, of a different sort but we’re happy for imaginations to run wild.

We’ve shot places. We’ve shot things. But for the past 20 years, we’ve shot a lot of people. Those people include Nobel laureates, spiritual leaders, political leaders, corporate leaders, and Gemini, Juno, Emmy and Grammy award-winning performing artists. We shoot aspiring actors with a dream. 

We’ve worked with film and theatre companies. We’ve shot film and television directors. We’ve photographed dancers and symphonic orchestras. Our work has appeared in a bunch of annual reports, and our photos have been featured in publications across North America. Did we mention, we travel? And we shoot when we do?

We were early adopters of digital processes but we’ve also built our cameras from matchboxes, Campari bottle caps and a mess of electrical tape. We’ve made photos using pop-up room sized cameras made from 2x2’s and tar paper, or cameras made of plywood. We work MacGyver-style.

We do what needs to be done. We do it exceedingly well.

We are your hired guns.